Post #3: Standing out From the Crowd

Even if you consider yourself as a college student with little to no work experience, you can still land an internship or entry level position in marketing if you play your cards right. As discussed in my last post, I will focus today’s article on how you can stand out among other job candidates for marketing-related positions.

1. Write a personalized cover letter.

Because hiring managers read a lot of cover letters for each position they are hiring for, it is important that your cover letter positively showcases your personality and creative

Take your time in personalizing your cover letter for each position you apply for.

skills as a marketer in order to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. Be sure to show how well you know about the company and specific position that you are applying for. Hiring managers can tell if candidates are sending generic cover letters. Therefore, it is important to explain why you want to work for the company and why you think you would be a great fit.

2. Fill your resume with facts and numbers. Don’t forget to emphasize your soft skills.

Rather than simply saying you helped manage social media for a school organization, prove with numbers the extent to which you completed your job effectively. For example, you can say that you raised the number of likes on the organization’s Facebook page by 17% within a span of 4 months through the use of content marketing. If you do not have

Infographic resumes allow you to showcase your work in a creative way. Source:

previous work experience, you can write down your extracurricular activities and school projects that you have completed. Additionally, be sure to emphasize your soft skills instead of only your technical skills. If you are applying for a marketing position that requires creativity and design skills, you should also consider creating an infographic resume. An infographic resume showcases your skills and experience in a creative, easy-to-read way that will definitely make you stand out among the majority of candidates. Check out this article for tips on creating an effective infographic resume.


3. Create a blog and/or website.

To be a successful marketer, especially in the online marketing and public relations fields, you need great communication skills. This is because you will need to write articles and press releases as part of your many responsibilities. You can showcase your writing skills by maintaining a blog in which you discuss topics relating to the marketing industry.  Additionally, you can display your design skills by creating a personal website that hiring managers can visit to learn about your interests and work experiences. You should also include a portfolio of your past work whether it is from school projects or jobs/internships. Use this detailed step-by-step tutorial to learn more about how you can get started on making your own personalized website.

If you follow these tips, you will be more likely to score an in-person interview for your marketing internship/job! Be sure to prepare well for the interview by practicing for potential questions that the hiring manager will ask. You should also research the company you applied for to demonstrate genuine interest in working at the company. If you prepare a presentation for ideas that you have for the company such as campaign ideas complete with budgeting and ad mock ups, hiring managers will be extra impressed. The following video provides great tips on how to do well in an interview. During your interview, don’t forget to smile and relax. Good luck!



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