Post #7: What is Brand Management?

Because graduation is just around the corner, my friends and I have shared many deep talks about future goals. Like me, many of my peers are also marketing majors and will be going into the marketing field after school ends. Interestingly, I have noticed that quite a few of them want to become brand managers within the next couple of years. As a marketing industry blogger, I thought it would be a great idea to share my knowledge on brand management. Have you ever wondered about brand management and what it takes to have a career in that field? If you are still on the road to discovering what you want to do after graduation, read further to learn why many of my friends are interested in this career path and whether or not brand management may be for you!

First, what is a brand?

A brand is a symbol, logo, name, etc that distinguishes a company’s product from other ones in the market. Branding, then, is the marketing strategy used to create all of the elements of the brand. Lastly, the brand manager is responsible for making consumers feel a positive association with the brand. This is done by keeping up to date with consumer trends and industry news. With the information gathered, brand managers develop and execute marketing campaigns to maintain a brand’s image. A brand manager should know his/her target customer inside and out and then take action to ensure that the brand properly aligns with that target customer’s beliefs and desires.

So, how do I become one?

To be a successful brand manager, you need to have excellent analytical skills. This will help you identify key trends in the market and create a strategy around your findings. As for formal requirements, you do not need any particular certifications. However, you will most likely need to have at least several years of experience in marketing to be able to become a brand manager. Additionally, earning a master’s degree in marketing is helpful.

What is the industry outlook?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management positions for marketing, promotions, and advertising are expected to increase by 12% until 2022. Additionally, brand managers make an average of $137,400 annually. While salary should not be the sole reason you choose a career, it is good to know that brand managers make a decent amount of money!


In short, a brand manager is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive identity of the company’s product. While brand management may seem interesting, it will be difficult in reality to gain a job as a brand manager right after graduation because a lot of previous experience is needed. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to decide right away whether or not you would like to pursue a brand management career. Rather, becoming a brand manager may be something you want to consider becoming promoted to in the future. You can gain marketing experience meanwhile through other entry-level positions. In previous posts, I have written about the top 5 career paths a marketing major should consider as well as the consulting field specifically. Check these posts out if you want to learn more about where you can start as a college graduate! Have you discovered a particular marketing career that you are interested in? Let me know in the comment section below!

For more information on branding, check out this website.


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