Post #8: Branding Yourself

Last week, I wrote in depth about a career in brand management. You should recall that a brand is something that distinguishes a product from its competition. Branding ensures that consumers have positive associations with the product or company. However, a branding strategy isn’t only essential to products, it’s also essential to YOU! In the same way that products try to stand out in a store aisle, you need to differentiate yourself from your peers who are all competing for the same job. So how exactly do you brand yourself? While technical skills are important, there will be plenty of job candidates who have similar (if not better) qualifications as you have. Employers are looking for well-rounded people and take into consideration a candidate’s personality. They want to hire those who can fit in well and succeed at the company. For this reason, you should brand yourself properly to meet what your desired employer is looking for. How? Read on to learn more!


Polish your Online Presence.

According to Time Inc., 93% of hiring managers review social profiles of job candidates before making a hiring decision. Keeping your social media pictures and posts free of profanity, references to illegal drugs, etc. is a given. What you may not know is that employers also consider your writing skills when checking your profile. In fact, around 66% of hiring managers look down on candidates who have poor spelling and grammar. To prevent negative reviews from potential employers, you should make sure that your privacy settings block unknown users from accessing your full page.

Set up a LinkedIn profile.

If you haven’t already, I also highly recommend that you create a LinkedIn account as soon as possible. Simply setting up your account, however, isn’t where you should stop. You need to upload a professional photo of yourself as your profile picture and connect with people you know such as professors, friends, and people you meet at networking events. You should constantly be updating your profile to make sure it reflects what you are currently doing professionally because recruiters use LinkedIn very often. Research shows that 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates. When listing your skills and experiences, be sure to highlight your strengths without sounding like everyone else. Here are the top 10 most overused, underwhelming buzzwords on LinkedIn profiles around the world:

Create a blog.

As I mentioned previously, blogging is a great way to show your employers who you are and how much you know. Not only will you be able to display your writing skills and knowledge of the marketing industry, but you will also be able to build your resume, show your personality, and potentially make some money by providing marketing services for businesses on your website.


In conclusion, branding is not only important to products but also important to job candidates. You need to maintain a clean and positive brand image by maintaining your online presence well, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. When standing out among other candidates, you should also avoid using boring, typical words as listed above and instead look for ways to prove those qualities that you claim to have. Lastly, creating a blog is the easiest way to let employers know you outside of your resume and cover letter. Blogging can even lead you to make money from freelancing, which I will write about very soon. Until then, be sure to update all of your social media profiles based on the tips discussed here!


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