Post #9: Industry Trends Every Marketer Should Know

Last week, I discussed the importance of branding yourself in order to differentiate yourself from other job candidates. Let’s say that you have successfully branded yourself and made a great first impression to the hiring manager. Now, the recruiter wants to meet you in person. Congrats! All you need to do now is ace the interview. But what if you don’t have much experience in the marketing industry? Well as I have mentioned previously, there are many other ways to impress the recruiter. At an interview, you need to show that you are knowledgeable about marketing concepts. If you don’t know the basics of today’s marketing trends, read on! This post will focus on the top trends in the marketing industry that every marketer should know. Whether or not you are currently preparing for an interview, this information will be useful to you as a marketing major. So let’s get started!


1. Content marketing is still as important as ever.

Content marketing is when a company creates relevant and valuable content that consumers actually want to see voluntarily. Take Philadelphia, for example. Rather than telling customers “Buy our cream cheese!” the company created a cheesecake baking tutorial on YouTube that used Philadelphia’s cream cheese as one of the ingredients. You can read more about content marketing and this Philadelphia example in my previous post.


2. Don’t forget about content remarketing.

To put simply, content remarketing is when companies retarget consumers based on the consumers’ previous actions. Have you ever considered buying a certain product online, decided not to buy it, and then saw an advertisement for a similar product soon after? This is not pure coincidence. This is retargeting.


3. Social media is now an essential component for every company.

As you might have already known, social media is a VERY important platform for companies. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter help companies connect with their customers and build relationships with them.

4. The mobile platform should not be ignored.

It is without a doubt that the use of smartphones to browse the internet and use apps have significantly increased. This means that companies need to make sure their websites are mobile-friendly for viewing. Additionally, retailers should develop shopping apps when appropriate.


5. Embrace the era of the omni-channel.

With so many platforms that companies have to use, it is important that consumers have an overall seamless experience. Whether it is desktop, mobile, in store, etc., companies need to be consistent. More can be read about the omni-channel marketing strategy here.

Overall, these five marketing industry trends are increasingly important in today’s interconnected world. As a marketer, you should know these concepts and be able to explain your thoughts on them wherever you go. Be sure to study these topics further by reading all of the resources that are hyperlinked throughout the article! In my next blog post, I will be discussing in depth about five additional industry trends that all marketers should know. So  until then, stay tuned!



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